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Accessibility Statement

Our team of professionals works hard every day to improve the accessibility of the content available on our website. We have provided a few recommendations to make your browsing experience accessible in the sections below.

The US Social Security Administration offers a few tips for optimizing your computer and browser to improve your online experience. Adopting these measures can be helpful in resolving any trouble you face while seeing the web pages.

In case you are looking for alternatives for keyboard or mouse, utilize speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. This will help you to navigate online services or web pages. This kind of software helps to access the application or web pages with your mere voice.

There are various accessibility features available for you if you are hard of hearing or deaf.

Closed Captioning

The closed captioning provides a transcription for the audio track of a video presentation which is ultimately synchronized with the audio and the video tracks. People who are deaf or hard of hearing will face no difficulty watching the video as the captions are generally displayed over the video. You can also learn the ways to turn off captioning if required. Most of the ADA’s video content consists of captions.

Volume Controls

You need to know that your mobile device, tablet, or computer has volume control features. The audio and the video service have their own additional volume control features. In order to optimize your visual experience, you can adjust the volume control of your device and media player.

If the steps mentioned above do not fulfill your requirements, feel free to get in touch with us at info@drsamharouni.com for assistance in accessing the content.

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