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Sam Harouni, DDS of Beverly Hills Oral & Facial Surgeon, is a trained and skillful oral and maxillofacial surgeon and holds specialization in dental implants, TMJ surgery, tooth extractions, and plenty of minimally invasive surgical processes at his Beverly Hills dental office. His experience, dedication, and passion for helping patients to achieve a gorgeous, healthy smile are clearly evident in his precise, and gentle approach to dental surgery. Whether the goal is reconstruction, restoration, or rejuvenation, Dr. Harouni works hard with every patient to draft a personalized treatment plan using advanced technologies in the most minimally invasive method possible.

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Completing dental work shouldn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort along the way. One of the things the team loves doing at Sam Harouni, DDS is creating a great dental experience for every person who visits. With the help of his friendly and welcoming dental team, Dr. Harouni creates a relaxing and reassuring dental environment that’s difficult to match. If you’ve never felt like your dentist truly takes your comfort into account, consider Sam Harouni, DDS as your new home for care.

Couldn’t have gone better! I went in to see Dr. Harouni because I was feeling discomfort due to my upper right wisdom tooth coming in. I was so nervous, as I’m sure anyone would be, but the staff was so comforting, Dr Harouni himself made me feel at ease and went through the process step by step. Overall, this was a great, painless experience and I would definitely refer anyone to see Dr. Harouni.

Ismael Pelayo


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    "I had such a good experience getting wisdom teeth extracted with Dr. Harouni. I had virtually no pain and I healed up faster than I had expected. Him and his team were so gentle & kind that I didn’t feel the usually anxiety I do getting dental procedures. He even helped me find a general dentist and went over treatment options to treat my TMJ issues. Such a great experience"
    Kelly Say
    "Dr. Harouni and his staff are not only professional but also make sure you feel comfortable before and after any procedure. One of his staffs, Maggie was very kind and made sure my dad and I understood what was going to happen before and after the procedure. 100% recommend coming here, especially if you are typically a very anxious person :)"
    Lizbeth Guerra
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    "Dr. Sam Harouni is the best doctor I have ever been to. I had a wisdom tooth extracted. Didn't feel any pain during the entire process that I was afraid off so much. I am lucky to be treated by Dr. Sam"
    Derek Schneider
    "Dr. Sam Harouni is a great doctor, made me feel less nervous about having my wisdom teeth extracted. I didn’t feel any pain the entire process and overall was treated very well."
    Jenny Hernandez

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