What Are The Needs For Teeth Extraction?

What Are The Needs For Teeth Extraction?

July 18, 2021

People expect their permanent teeth to last for a lifetime. However, certain circumstances can demand getting a tooth removed to avoid numerous other oral problems. You need to know that the process of tooth extraction is not too painful or will not even make you go through serious discomfort. The major reasons to go for teeth extraction are – impacted wisdom teeth, gum problems, etc. Do you wanna gain a clear understanding of the reasons to get your tooth extracted? We are going to discuss every probable cause in the sections below. 

What is Teeth Extraction?

Before delving deeper into the topic, you should have a clear idea of what teeth extraction is. It can be defined as a process that involves the removal of your teeth at a dental office. Teeth extraction techniques can be categorized into two broad categories – simple extractions and surgical extraction. 

What are the Reasons?

The probable causes of going for extraction have been mentioned in the pointers below:

1. Severe Damage – Getting involved in a serious accident can cause severe damage to your teeth and ultimately require extractions. Firstly, the Oral surgeon tries to save the impacted tooth. If not possible, he/she will advise getting the affected tooth removed.

2. Gum Disease – Suffering from a serious gum problem can be the reason for teeth extraction. Gum disease causes loosening of teeth that ultimately requires you to go for an extraction process.

3. Overcrowding – Another major reason to go for teeth extraction is overcrowding. This condition can be defined as a situation where your teeth cannot fit the mouth. If not treated for long, overcrowding causes the adjacent teeth to become crooked. Removal of the teeth can make space and help to avoid the issue of overcrowding.

4. Wisdom Teeth – Your wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed if they are healthy and in a proper state. The requirement for removal becomes prominent if the wisdom teeth remain inside the gums, emerger partially through the gums causing tremendous pain and crowding the adjacent teeth. Removal of wisdom teeth is not a very complex process. Contact Dr. Sam Harouni if you are looking for the best wisdom teeth removal service in Beverly Hills

We hope that giving this blog a diligent read has given you a better understanding of the common reasons to undergo teeth extraction.

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