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Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Your teeth have an impact on your entire body. When they are healthy, you are healthier as well. A lost tooth can have an impact on your bite, communication, and eating habits. As you rely more on your remaining teeth, the likelihood that they will wear out early, be injured, or be lost increases. You can also get headaches and/or jaw pain.

Who would want their physical and mental well-being to deteriorate? The natural result of losing teeth is that the jaw essentially melts away. In most cases, people lose 25% of their supporting jawbone structure during the first year of tooth loss. Because bone repair becomes more challenging as time passes, dental implants are easier to install when teeth are first pulled. The good news? Implants function exactly like natural teeth. They protect and maintain your bone structure, oral health, and beauty. Your dentist and implant surgeon will offer you options so that you may make the best decision for tooth replacement.

Tooth Replacement Options

You have several alternatives for replacing missing teeth, ranging from temporary to long-term remedies.

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth or who is dissatisfied with their dentures is an excellent candidate. Age is not a consideration. Smoking, disorders such as diabetes, and radiation therapy to the area, on the other hand, have been demonstrated to reduce the success rate of implant implantation. X-rays of your jaw will be obtained to see whether it can support implants. Detailed x-rays may also be required to assess whether additional testing or procedures are required to correctly put implants.

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is a group of replacement teeth that are joined together. It is cemented into place on top of the teeth close to the vacant region to provide stability. Before installing the bridge, the protective outer coating of these teeth is normally removed or ground down.


A removable plastic tooth with a plastic retainer, sometimes known as a “flipper,” is a fragile, temporary, and low-cost option.

Metal Partial

A detachable partial denture cast in metal and plastic is a less brittle choice. Wire clips hold it in place. A detachable partial denture can be removed and reinserted as needed by the patient.


Complete dentures are the most typical solution for persons who are missing all of their teeth in one or both jaws. Dentures work successfully for certain folks. Because of variances in jaw size and form, some people find them uncomfortable, if not intolerable.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most pleasant and long-lasting treatment. They provide a solid foundation for teeth and keep the jaw healthy and powerful. Implants are used to support individual replacement teeth or to hold customized dentures in place. Unlike bridges, no healthy teeth are affected. Unlike most bridges, implants can last a lifetime. Implant-supported replacement teeth can be attractive, stable, and pleasant for practically any patient.

Why should you choose dental implants over other types of restorations?

There are various causes for this: A dental bridge might sacrifice the structure of neighboring healthy teeth to fill the gap left by the missing tooth/teeth. Furthermore, removing a denture or a “partial” at night can be tedious, not to mention that slipping dentures can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

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