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An Implant Supported Overdenture is a modern restoration that has changed the way surgeons and dentists think about restoring a complete set of teeth. Dentures are unsecured prostheses that have inherent restrictions. Dentures are frequently unpleasant, uncomfortable, and unstable. These dentures might make chewing things challenging, restricting the foods you used to like. Implant-supported dentures are an example of how modern dentistry can aid.

About The Procedure

The Implant Supported Overdenture treatment approach replaces missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by dental implants. Fewer implants are required, which reduces overall treatment time and expense. An Implant Supported Overdenture system also provides higher bone stability, decreasing the need for bone graft surgery to enhance bone volume. Implant-supported overdentures are maintained in place by bar and clip attachment systems or a variety of abutment-based attachments (ball, magnets, and resilient stud attachments such as Locators). The best attachment method for your specific needs is chosen early in the treatment process based on several factors. A temporary set of teeth can usually be implanted on the same day as surgery. The temporary teeth allow you to resume your normal life immediately following surgery. Your dental surgeon will place the final bridge after a brief healing period. Your quality of life has improved, and you may resume eating your favorite foods with newfound energy.

Implant Supported Overdentures Offer You Many Advantages:

Scientifically proven and documented. Implant-supported overdentures have had good clinical outcomes in studies that have lasted a decade or more.

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