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Do I Have Enough Bone For Dental Implants?

If the socket walls are very thick after tooth extraction, they will normally fill naturally with bone in two to three months. This type of recovery is less predictable when the walls of your socket are relatively thin (as in your upper and lower front teeth). In these cases, a bone graft is frequently implanted during tooth extraction to assist your body in filling in the empty socket with bone. This process will preserve the width and volume of bone required for implant insertion a few months later.

1. Inadequate Bone

2. Graft Material Placed

3. Implants Placed

If you had a tooth removed many years ago and your bony ridge is very thin, you may not have enough bone for implantation. A bone graft can be placed next to the thin bone in this scenario and allowed to recover for up to six months. The ridge will be re-entered and the implant will be inserted when the graft has bonded to your pre-existing bone. Bone grafting is typically a relatively painless office procedure. There are numerous bone-grafting materials available, including your bone.

1. Inadequate Bone

2. Graft Material and Implant Placed

Bone grafting may be performed if the sinus cavities in your upper jaw are exceptionally broad or very low and extend into the tooth-bearing areas. This is frequent when teeth at the back of a person’s upper jaw have been missing for a long time and there is just a little amount of bone available for implant placement. Then a “sinus grafting surgery” is required. It is usually done in the office under local anesthetic and sometimes sedation. During this process, the membrane that lines the sinus will be identified and elevated. Bone will subsequently be inserted to restore the bone height and allow for the placement of dental implants of suitable length. This surgery is frequently performed at the same time as implant placement.

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