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Tired of suffering from low self-confidence due to your missing teeth? Tired of wearing loose dentures? You must consider getting a full mouth reconstruction At Dr. Sam Harouni’s Beverly Hills oral and maxillofacial surgery dental office, we offer innovative reconstruction procedures such as the all-on-four technique, that can restore all of your teeth in just one day. Book an appointment to regain your confidence today. If you have further queries then schedule an appointment online or call us!

All-On-Four Q & A

Why do I need full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction procedures have several benefits. They are especially useful for people who have many missing teeth due to illnesses or trauma. A full mouth reconstruction can also be beneficial for you if you have multiple teeth that are:

Dr. Harouni will advise you to opt for a full mouth reconstruction only if you are in good health and if it improves your oral health condition.

What are the services that are provided under full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that involves the rebuilding or replacement of all of your teeth. The aim is to boost your chewing and speaking abilities while also improving the appearance of your facial structure and smile.

Dr. Harouni provides cutting-edge reconstructive procedures, such as all-on-four teeth-in-a-day replacements.

What is an all-on-four dental procedure?

All-On-Four implants require the insertion of a titanium post in four places of your jaw. Following that, Dr. Harouni then places permanent dentures on the post. These dentures look and function just like your original teeth.

This procedure is minimally invasive, after which, you can regain all of your teeth in a single day.

What should my expectations be from a full mouth reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Harouni first analyses the overall health of your oral cavity and uses CT scans and dental X-rays to develop a customized treatment plan in collaboration with your oral surgeon.

Dr. Harouni will install long-lasting titanium posts into your jawbone during the procedure. These posts form the foundation for a fixed denture.

Once the implants have been inserted, Dr. Harouni will then place a custom-made denture that acts like your natural teeth. You will walk out of our dental office with a new set of teeth. You will be able to eat soft food items immediately after your surgery. However, you can go back to munching on your favorite food items only after giving it 4 months for the posts to fuse to your jawbone.

What are the benefits of an all-in-four procedure?

Do you wear detachable dentures that cause discomfort and just never stay put? A simple all-in-four procedure can solve all of your denture-related issues while also improving your oral health.

Full mouth reconstruction implants also guarantee long-lasting results, in addition to improving your smile and your dental health

Dental implants that use the all-on-four system are easy to maintain, allowing you to brush and floss as you normally would in addition to regular checkups and deep cleaning procedures.

Find out if all-on-four is suitable for your oral health condition by calling our office today!

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