What to expect when getting your wisdom tooth removed

What To Expect When Getting Your Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Wisdom teeth typically emerge in the jaws between the ages of 17 and 25, and there are a variety of reasons why an adult may necessitate the removal of these wisdom teeth.

There are a few things you should know before having your wisdom teeth extracted once your dentist has detected the disease and advised you to do so. 

  • You must advise the oral surgeon about any health conditions or drugs you are currently using.
  • It is best to take the day off from school, college, or job when the surgery is scheduled.
  • Request that your surgeon schedule the surgery during the early hours, and have a nutritious breakfast.
  • The operation is normally done under local anesthetic, so you may feel numb on your lips, tongue, and cheeks during the process and for a few hours later.

The procedure of wisdom tooth removal: 

  1. If the tooth is caught within the bone, the surgeon may have to cut a piece of your gum or bone to extract it. In such a circumstance, you may even receive a stitch or two on the gum. If the sutures are not resorbable, you will need to return to the dentist a week later to have them removed.
  2. After the tooth removal surgery, the majority of patients are awake enough to return home on their own. However, for the few who do feel a bit faint, they may be escorted home by a family member or a friend.
  3. To stop the bleeding, the surgeon will place a piece of gauze in your mouth near where the tooth was extracted.
  4. On the day of the operation, eat only after the numbness has subsided. You are not permitted to consume any hot food or beverages on the same day.
  5. Brushing should be done with caution, and you should avoid using a straw or spitting frequently, since this may dislodge the blood clot and cause bleeding.
  6. Certain antibiotics and pain relievers may be administered to you to alleviate post-operative discomfort.
  7. Swelling is most likely to occur in the location, but it should go away in 48 to 72 hours and is no cause for concern.

The removal of wisdom teeth is a common oral surgical treatment, and we hope that reading this blog has alleviated some of your concerns. If you want to get your wisdom tooth removed, book an appointment or visit Dr. Sam Harouni’s dental clinic today

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