How Are Dental Implants Beneficial For Your Oral Health?

July 4, 2022

Dental implants assist in maintaining the health of your jaw, so you don’t lose bone density. If you can replace missing teeth as soon as feasible, you’ll be able to stop the loosening and migrating nearby teeth toward the empty sockets. Dr. Sam Harouni has provided a list of oral health benefits of using dental implants in this blog.

Reduced Tooth Loss

It’s critical to realize that your teeth are anchored in place by adjacent teeth and their roots. If you lose a tooth, the teeth close by could begin to shift and loosen up. Getting a substitute tooth for the one you lost is the best strategy to stop further tooth loss. Because dental implants in Beverly Hills look like natural teeth, many patients value them.

Improved Confidence

Dental implants are suitable for your emotional health in addition to your oral health. Many patients report feeling more confident after the dental implant procedure. You might try to hide your smile or avoid making small talk when you have missing teeth. You can experience fake teeth that feel natural after the dental implant treatment by your Beverly Hills oral surgeon. You might be amazed when you feel secure in your smile and can eat all your favorite foods.

Prevents Cavities

Plaque and microorganisms cause cavities. When you lose a tooth, the teeth that were adjacent to it lose some support. You might observe that teeth begin to tilt toward the empty area or become loose. You are more likely to develop tooth decay if your teeth shift.

No Jaw Deterioration

For a healthy jawbone, stimulation from tooth roots is necessary. But the pressure a tooth puts on your jawbone also disappears when you lose it. When you lose a tooth, a dental implant will cover the gap in your smile and stimulate your jawbone like the tooth’s root. In the long run, this preserves your face’s contour by keeping the jawbone. Remineralization is the process by which your body starts to reabsorb your jawbone so that it may utilize those nutrients somewhere else. It is best to inquire about the dental implant treatment with your oral surgeon in Beverly Hills to stop jawbone damage.

Better Speech

Dentures can slip and slide around; missing teeth might make you lisp. These factors all affect how you talk. Whether covered by a crown or part of implant-supported dentures, implants keep your dental restorations in place and enable you to speak as naturally as possible.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about dental implants. Book an appointment with Dr. Sam Harouni if you are looking for the best dental implants in Beverly Hills, CA.

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