3 Things you need to know about Dental Implants

June 17, 2021

Dental Implants have fast become a preferred choice amongst the several tooth replacement options. They are extremely beneficial for your dental health and can usually last you a lifetime. With these implants, you can now address all the issues of your missing teeth. You can fill the gap and get your original smile back in the blink of an eye. Bid adieu to all your worries and fears. These implants will boost your confidence and improve the condition of your oral health.

What are Dental Implants?

Firstly, let us find out what are dental implants. These are essentially replacement tooth roots that are fused to your jaw with surgery. The synthetic tooth is usually placed on top of the implant. These implants provide constant support to your customized replacement tooth. As time passes, these implants integrate with your bone and serve as a solid foundation for your teeth. This protects your teeth’ structure and minimizes the chances of further damage and decay.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants cost a bit on the higher end. However, you must not judge the cost of dental implants in such a manner. They might seem like a costlier option upfront. These implants are a one-time investment and can provide you several benefits throughout your life. Several factors determine the cost of dental implants. You must consult your oral surgeon for an exact estimate. The average cost of dental implants is somewhere between $3,000 to $6,000 depending on your area of residence and specific needs. It is advisable to not let the expenditure be a hindrance to your oral needs. Every penny spent is worth it!

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Other than enhancing your physical appearance, these implants have many restorative benefits as well. Let us find out what they are.

No Bone loss

Missing teeth paves the way for deterioration of the jaw bone in that area. Your face might cave in as time passes and make you look older than your age. Your oral surgeon in Beverly Hills will recommend implants in such a situation. Your replacement roots will prevent bone loss and even stimulate your jawbone. This keeps your facial structure intact and prevents premature aging.

A Durable Solution

Implants are a very long-lasting tooth replacement option. They usually integrate with your jawbone and can last you a lifetime. You just need a top-notch oral care routine and you are good to go! No wonder implants are becoming so popular day by day. They are extremely durable and can improve your oral health considerably. This also makes them a viable economical option.

Improved Appearance

Some people suffer from low self-confidence due to their missing teeth. They avoid social gatherings and are embarrassed o smile wide in public. With implants, you can get rid of such situations. Contact your oral surgeon in Beverly Hills today and get an implant procedure immediately. This will improve your physical appearance and restore your lost confidence in the blink of an eye.

No Dietary Restrictions

Are you worried that you might have to give up on your favorite food after your implant procedure? Well, with implants you don’t have to worry about that. You can eat whatever you like. But you must practice a good oral care routine to prevent any dental complications.

An Affordable Alternative

With other teeth replacement options, for instance, dentures, you need to replace them every ten to fifteen years. This entails extra expenditure and several monetary investments. With implants, you do not need to worry about any additional expenditure. With proper care, your implants can last you a lifetime. Hence, they won’t just reduce your future expenditures but improve your oral health as well.

We hope you have all the information you require about dental implants. Looking for the best dental implant procedure in Beverly Hills, CA? Get in touch with us at Dr. Sam Harouni – Beverly Hills Oral & Facial Surgeon and avail our quality services today!

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