Dental Implants: Cost & Definition

May 23, 2022

We don’t realize how important something is until we lose it. Similarly, losing a tooth emphasizes the importance of our pearly whites. Dental implants have swiftly become a popular option when it comes to tooth replacement. They have a better success rate and, during the healing process, blend with our natural teeth structure. Dental implants can be expensive, so Dr. Sam Harouni has decided to answer all your questions.

What are Dental Implants?

Let’s start with a definition of dental implants before we discuss pricing. Dental implants are artificial roots that serve as a foundation for a crown. They look like the roots of your teeth and protect them from further decay. They fuse to your natural anatomy over time once your Beverly Hills oral surgeon places them. They assist you in regaining your self-esteem and restoring your beautiful smile.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Now that we’ve established them let’s get into the cost of dental implants. Are you curious about the price of dental implants? It usually depends on many factors, most of which are stated below.

Area Of Residence

The cost of dental implants is strongly influenced by your geographic location and the cost of living in that area. The site of your dental office also has a significant impact on the overall cost of the process.

Number Of Dental Implants

The price of dental implants varies depending on the number of implants needed by the patient. Replacing a single tooth will be less expensive than replacing multiple teeth. If you want a precise estimate, you should speak with your oral surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Your Dental Condition

Your oral health is the most crucial element in determining the overall cost of the implant process. As a result, before deciding on implant treatment, you should speak with your Beverly Hills oral surgeon. Other dental procedures may be required to improve your dental implant’s chances of success.

Products Used For The Implant Procedure

The materials utilized in the implant operation have a significant impact on the cost of your dental implant. Your oral surgeon in Beverly Hills will use a biocompatible material for the surgery. This will ensure more excellent absorption and the absence of adverse reactions in your body. In such instances, dentists typically prefer titanium for dental work. Zirconium is highly valued for its white color.

The Final Word

Many other factors determine the exact cost of these implants. However, it would help if you did not let the cost of dental care deter you from seeking appropriate treatment. These implants will safeguard your beautiful whites from further damage and replace your missing teeth. Furthermore, these implants can last a lifetime and save you money with proper care and maintenance. Consult your oral surgeon now to get your implants!

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about the cost of dental implants. Get in touch with us Dr. Sam Harouni for the best dental implants in Beverly Hills, CA.

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