Can Dental Implants Fail?

Can Dental Implants Fail?

August 22, 2022

Dental implants are the most stable, strong, long-lasting, functional, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing option among all the existing procedures for replacing lost or severely damaged teeth. Dental implants truly serve as the ideal substitute for a complete set of your natural, healthy teeth. You owe it to yourself to, at the very least, consider getting dental implants if you miss one or more of your natural teeth. Dental implant surgery does, of course, have some risks and potential complications, just like any other type of surgery. Implant failure is one potential danger of dental implant surgery. Even though dental implant failure is infrequent, it can and does happen occasionally. Our Beverly Hills oral surgeons go over the potential reasons for dental implant failure with patients. To prevent implant failure, they meticulously assess patients to ensure that they are good candidates for dental implants. Do you qualify to receive dental implants?

Common Causes Of Implant Failure

First, it should be mentioned that dental implants have an incredibly high success rate. Approximately 98 percent of our situations are successfully resolved. Less than 2% of our cases include implant failure. Implant failure is rare, occurring in only around 5% of instances across the country. The following are the most typical reasons why dental implants fail:

Issues In Ossointegration

The process of the titanium implant posts fusing to the jawbone and essentially becoming a part of the patient’s natural anatomy is known as osseointegration. Inadequate jawbone density is frequently the cause of failed osseointegration. Our patients don’t need to be concerned about this because we use cutting-edge technologies to prepare for implant placement meticulously. Our oral surgeons in Beverly Hills will execute a bone grafting treatment to increase bone mass if the jawbone density is insufficient to sustain an implant.

Implant Rejection

Since titanium is typically not perceived by the body as a foreign substance, it is generally accepted by the body just like a natural tooth root. However, titanium allergy and implant rejection are remote possibilities.

Dental Infections

At our dental office in Beverly Hills, this is the most typical reason for implant failure. Following your dental implant surgery, you must be committed to maintaining excellent oral hygiene. The periodontal tissues surrounding your implant could become infected if you don’t brush and floss properly, necessitating the need to remove your implant. The likelihood of contracting an infection rises gradually if you smoke.

Nerve Damage

Again, in our practice, implant failure is never caused by implant misplacement because we make great efforts to prevent it. However, some less skilled oral surgeons in Beverly Hills could put implants too close to nerves, causing discomfort or numbness and necessitating the removal of the implant.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about dental implant failure. Book an appointment with us at Dr. Sam Harouni for the best dental implants in Beverly Hills, CA.


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