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If you need a bone graft to support a dental implant or to enhance the functionality of your jaw, Dr. Sam Harouni can help ensure a faster healing time using innovative regenerative medicine treatments. At his Beverly Hills oral and maxillofacial surgery center, Dr. Harouni is highly trained in using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells to encourage your body to heal from the inside out. Find out if bone grafting procedure is right for you by calling the practice or using the online booking feature.

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Bone Graft Q & A

What are the different types of bone grafts?

What are different types of bone grafts?

There are many types of bone grafts available in the market.

  • Autogenous
  • Allograft
  • Xenograft

Autogenous bone grafts which are basically bone from your own body are the gold standard material for generating bone. However, with recent advancements in the medical field, we can use processed demineralized and sterile bone from cadavers with good results (called Allograft).

Dr. Harouni often uses Allograft bone graft from cadavers mixed with platelet-rich plasma obtained from your own blood to retrieve the growth factors and stem cells to regenerate bone. Using this newest technology, we are able to prepare most parts of your jaw for future implant placement or replace missing bone in your jaw.

Who can benefit from a bone grafting procedure?

You may need bone grafting procedure to your jaw for the following reasons :

  • Having inadequate bone to place a dental implant in your jaw to restore chewing function and replace missing teeth
  • Post jaw injury and facial fractures
  • Non healing areas of your jaw bone due to use of Bisphosphonates medications
  • Loss of part of the jaw due to benign or malignant oral pathology such as cysts and tumors

Am I a good candidate for bone grafting procedure?

Dr. Harouni can determine which type of bone grafting material is right for you after an evaluation of your goals and a review of your health history. He creates a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs and ensure you’re ready for future dental implant placement.

To learn more about the latest techniques in bone grafting procedures, schedule a consultation online or by phone.