What are the three main stages in an all-on-four dental implant procedure?

March 7, 2022

Having a row of missing teeth can be challenging and problematic for the person suffering from it. It can interrupt their ability to eat and interrupt their ability to smile or speak properly. One of the traditional methods to replace your missing teeth would be removable partial dentures clipped onto the remaining teeth. However, with the significant advancements in dentistry, it is now possible to replace your missing teeth with fully-functional and natural-looking teeth with the help of dental implants. Thanks to all-on-four implants. It is possible to execute an entire upper or lower arch restoration in a single surgical visit. The procedure boosts bone-to-implant contact by utilizing four implants with the back implants inclined. It helps in effortless loading and functioning of the substitution teeth. 

Mainly three stages are involved in the all-on-four implants procedure. They are;

  • Diagnostic Stage
  • Surgical Stage
  • Restorative Stage

The Diagnostic Stage

The dentist in Beverly Hills will check whether you are eligible for all-on-four implants by asking about your health history, list of medications in addition to conducting a detailed oral examination. If you have a row of lost teeth or are wearing dentures, you may be eligible for all-on-four implants. The Beverly Hills dentist will further conduct 3D imaging and CT scans etc. to determine your eligibility for the treatment. Furthermore, digital x-rays and high-resolution photographs will also be taken. The dentist in Beverly Hills will then take the impressions of your teeth for diagnostic modeling and diagnostic design. 

The Surgical Stage

Depending on the patient’s dental condition, the dentist may suggest tooth extractions, bone grafts, and bone re-contouring (if required) followed by surgical insertion of four dental implants in your upper or lower arch. Thus patients who were worried for long about their missing teeth and the embarrassment it had caused them while speaking or smiling in front of others can feel satisfied with the implant-secured teeth following the surgery. The patient will have to wait for 24 to 72 hours before they can resume their normal daily activities. The patient will have to visit a dentist in the first week, fourth week, and twelve weeks after completing surgery as part of follow-up visits. The dental visits ensure that the look, feel, and healing is happening as expected in the patient. You will also have to follow a strict diet. 

The Restorative Stage

The restorative stage begins once the implant is completely incorporated into the jawbone. This stage begins almost 16 weeks after the dental implant surgery. The dentist in Beverly Hills may also make a few standard adjustments one to two weeks later to ensure everything functions properly as expected. 

All-on-four implants are a durable solution since they can last for many years if neatly maintained by the patient. As per the dentist’s suggestion, frequent dental visits to the dental office in Beverly Hills are desirable to keep a check on the proper functioning of the all-on-4 implants.  


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